Manufacturer Manufacturers

Manufacturers are any maker or brand of camera, lenses or other photographic accessories or consumables


Name City Country Founded Dissolved
Ohnar Japan
Olympus Tokyo Japan 1919
Opteka Japan 2002
Optomax Japan
ORWO Wolfen Germany
Paragon Japan
Pentacon Dresden Germany 1959
Pentax Tokyo Japan 2002
Petri Japan 1907
Philips Netherlands 1891
Polaroid United States of America 1937
Realt France
Revelation Taiwan
Rodenstock Munich Germany 1877
Roeschlein-Kreuznach Bad Kreuznach Germany
Rollei Braunschweig Germany 1920
Ross London United Kingdom 1830
Samyang Masan South Korea 1972
Schneider-Kreuznach Bad Kreuznach Germany 1913
Sea & Sea Tokyo Japan
Shackman London United Kingdom
Sigma Japan 1961
Soligor Stuttgart Germany 1968

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