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Manufacturers are any maker or brand of camera, lenses or other photographic accessories or consumables


Name City Country Founded Dissolved
Adox Germany 1860
Agfa Berlin Germany 1867
Aldis United Kingdom 1901
Alpa Switzerland
Aram Japan 1953
Asahi Tokyo Japan 1919 2002
Balda Laubegast Germany 1908
Bausch & Lomb Rochester United States of America
Bell & Howell Wheeling United States of America
Bilora Radevormwald Germany
Blazzeo China
Bolsey United States of America 1947 1962
Boots Nottingham United Kingdom 1849
Bowens London United Kingdom 1923
Braun Nuremberg Germany 1915
Bronica Tokyo Japan 1956
Canon Tokyo Japan 1937
Carl Zeiss Jena Jena Germany 1856
Celestron United States of America 1964
Chinon Nagano Japan 1948 2004
Cinestill Los Angeles United States of America 2012
Cosina Nakano Japan 1959
Dacora Reutlingen Germany 1946 1972
Dallmeyer United Kingdom 1860

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