Public stats Public stats

  • 423

    camera models in CameraHub

  • 607

    lens models in CameraHub

  • 98

    film stocks in CameraHub

  • 119

    manufacturers in CameraHub

  • 379

    users on CameraHub

  • Lancaster Instantograph


    oldest camera on CameraHub

  • Canon New F-1 High Speed Motor Drive Camera


    heaviest camera on CameraHub

  • Canon TV 2000mm f/11


    longest lens on CameraHub

  • Canon 50mm f/0.95


    fastest lens on CameraHub

  • 195kg

    total weight of all cameras in CameraHub

  • 61m

    total length of all lenses in CameraHub, laid end to end

  • 117

    cameras in user collections on CameraHub

  • 284m

    total length of exposed film in CameraHub

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