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Bolsey AEdit

Physical Physical
Manufacturer Bolsey United States of America
Model A
Lens Wollensak 44/4.5
Lens manufacturer Wollensak United States of America
Optics Optics
Zoom No
Focal length 44mm
Aperture f/4.5-16.0
Features Features
Format 135 roll
Marketed 1952
Body type Compact camera
Negative size 35mm
Focus Focus
Metering Metering
Metering No
Exposure programs
Shutter Shutter
Shutter type Leaf
Shutter model Wollensak
Bulb Yes
Time No
Shutter speeds ¹/100 - ¹/25
Film transport Film transport
Internal power drive No
External power drive No
Power Power
Batteries 0
Flash Flash
Internal flash No
Features Features
DoF preview No
Mirror lock-up No
Self timer No
Date imprint No
Interchangeable backs No
Interchangeable finders No
Misc Misc
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