Battery Batteries

Batteries are used to power cameras, flashes and other accessories


Name Voltage Chemistry
CR2032 3.00V Lithium
CR-P2 6.00V Lithium
CR-V3 3.00V Lithium
LR41 1.50V Alkaline
LR44 1.50V Alkaline
LR9 1.50V Alkaline
MR9 1.35V Mercury
MRB625 1.35V Zinc air
PX13 1.35V Mercury
PX19 4.50V Alkaline
PX28A 6.20V Alkaline
PX625 1.35V Mercury
PX675 1.35V Mercury
S625PX 1.55V Silver oxide
S76 1.50V Silver oxide
SR41 1.55V Silver oxide
SR44 1.55V Silver oxide

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