Manufacturer Manufacturers

Manufacturers are any maker or brand of camera, lenses or other photographic accessories or consumables


Name City Country Founded Dissolved
Canon Tokyo Japan 1937
Bausch & Lomb Rochester United States of America
Cosina Nakano Japan 1959
Dallmeyer United Kingdom 1860
De Vere United Kingdom
Alpa Switzerland
Manfrotto Cassola Italy 1974
Hanimex Australia 1947
Halina China 1906
Aldis United Kingdom 1901
Fuji Tokyo Japan 1934
Foma Hradec Králové Czechia 1921
Hasselblad Gothenburg Sweden 1841
Ihagee Dresden Germany 1912
Ilford Ilford United Kingdom 1879
Jessops Leicester United Kingdom 1935
Kawauso-Shoten Japan
Kenko Tokyo Japan 1928
Kentmere Kentmere United Kingdom
Kitvision United Kingdom
KMZ Krasnogorsk Russia 1942
Komamura Japan 1933
Vivitar United States of America 1938
Feinwerk Technik Germany

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