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This page has answers to frequently asked questions about CameraHub.

What kind of cameras can I catalogue with CameraHub?

Any kind of still image film camera can be catalogued. CameraHub is not suitable for digital cameras or motion picture (movie) cameras.

Can I catalogue digital-era lenses?

You can add a lens to CameraHub if it works with film cameras, even if it was intended for digital cameras. For example, recent Canon EF lenses which were sold with full-frame digital SLRs in mind, but which still work with 35mm SLRs.

How can I help CameraHub?

The best way to help CameraHub is to sign up and start contributing data and photos about cameras, lenses and other accessories. If you have an idea or suggestion for CameraHub, or you find a bug, add an issue on Github or contact us via our Facebook page Last but not least, if you have any experience with Python, Django, CSS or Javascript then you could help contribute code. Have a look at our issue tracker to see what’s in the pipeline at the moment.

Who pays for CameraHub?

CameraHub is 100% funded and maintained by Jonathan Gazeley as a hobby. There is no external funding and no revenue from advertising. However the cost of hosting is partially offset by using electricity from solar panels.

What about language support?

CameraHub is in UK English. It is not currently on the roadmap to translate the site into other languages. Regarding the data inside CameraHub, it is always preferred to use Latin characters. For example we prefer Zorki instead of Зоркий.

If a camera has different names in different regions, The UK or European name is preferred. For example, the Canon EOS 500 was marketed as the Canon EOS 500 in Europe, Asia and Oceania, as the Canon EOS Kiss in Japan and the Canon EOS Rebel XS in America. There is a feature on the roadmap to support multiple names for cameras.

Is there an app?

No, there is no app and no plans for one. However we aim to make CameraHub work nicely on all mobiles and it is possible to add a website to your home screen There are plans for some kind of desktop app which can tag your photos scanned from film with metadata from CameraHub. This is a little way off and we’re not yet sure what this might look like. There was a previous attempt at a tagger app as part of the now-defunct PhotoDB project but it was command-line only and not very user-friendly.

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